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About Go2Task

Go2Task was originally developed as a custom application serving the challenges of creative clients such as Chiat Day, Leo Burnett, Blue Rock, and Discovery channel

Through years of custom application development Luc Devar learned what features are needed to create a fast, productive and profitable job management system. Go2Task is uniquely positioned to navigate any size client and offers full job management control in constantly changing media landscape. .

By working closely and listening to the needs of CEO’s and Producers, Go2Task grew to where it is today. We can support a single creative studio as well as global studios with multiple offices, or any company looking to increase job management control. Therefore, Go2Task has the ability to be customized for each client's needs.

Go2Task Team

Luc Devar Consultant Inc. and his staff work directly with all our clients ensuring that Go2Task progresses and helps the growing amounts of detail to manage as a creative organization

Luc Devar Consultant Inc. was the principal designer of Go2Task and has been building a depth of creative job management solutions for some of Corporate America’s top names. Today, he continues to grow the core functionality of Go2Task as well as a growing list of exciting vertical versions. He has worked with clients such as Leo Burnett, Chait Day, NFL Properties, Whirlpool and AGFA.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-469-1066, or directly at

Donald Vear is a is a Principal 4D Developer since 1993 when he was Technical Director of Technical Support for the Canadian Distributor 4D Software.

is Head of New Business. She is the newest member to the GO2Task Team. Samantha’s background is in Sales and freelance post producing. Samantha and Luc met while she was working at Blue Rock. Luc built Blue Rock’s top of the line job central software. He worked closely with the owners and producers to create a job management system like no other. Samantha believes that there is nothing better than a custom fit job management solution tailored to support a company of any size.